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H Squared Designs
Albany, New York United States
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    Albany New York, United States
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    I love to make beautiful things that serve a purpose.

    My mother taught me how to sew, and for the longest time I used her ollllld Singer sewing machine. It worked just fine, but after years of languishing in my basement, it started to lose it's functionality.

    My wonderful husband and beautiful boys gave me a new sewing machine for Mother's Day two years ago, and I decided that such a fancy new machine needed to make beautiful and functional items.

    It started with the burp cloths. My first son was a "spitter" and my second son had GERD, so I understand the need for big, absorbent burp cloths. My friends with babies will tell you that my burp cloths fit the bill, and are super-cute to boot!

    Then came the totes. I made my first Rainy Day bag for my son's friend, and then for my nephew. And really, can you have enough bags? I think not, especially if you have kids.

    I'm crazy about the transformation that happens when I'm sewing. I love to see a piece go from a flat swatch of fabric, to a hot mess of threads and wrong sides of fabric, to the right-side-out, pressed, and top-stitched finished product. My favorite moment is when I pull the last bit out from the mess, poke out the corners, and see my hard work has been worth it!

    I hope you enjoy my items as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Thank you for looking at my shop!
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